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New semester starts on 9/9 (新学期9月9日开学啦)

Welcome all old and new friends to the school. Chinese School of Rochester will start the first Language and Culture class of the Fall semester this Saturday (9/9) from 10:00AM to 11:50AM. (Note: The elective classes will start on 9/30)

The first day will always be busy, and here are some tips for preparation.

  • The school office is located in Room 426 (see the building map). Please come to the office if you need any help.

  • The registration desks will be located in the hallway outside the office. Please drop your registration form and tuition at the registration desk.

  • If you have not registered yet, you can register at one of the registration desks. We encourage everyone to register online to save time.

  • All parents please sign on the parent duty list at one of the registration desks. (see parent responsibilities and the parent duty form). $20 deposit is required for parent duty purpose, and will be fully returned upon the duty is fulfilled after the semester is over.

  • Please check the classrooms and teachers here.

  • Textbooks can also be purchased at the registration desk.

Special Note: The 2017 Brighton Community Homecoming Celebration is also on 9/9 from 10:30AM to 1:30PM on the side of the school. Part of the streets around that area will be blocked during that time. Please be prepared that it will be difficult to park your car, and you may need to walk some distance to the school.

Thank you and hope to see you all this weekend.



  • 学校办公室位于426号教室(请见房间分布图)。如果您需要任何帮忙,请到办公室来。

  • 办公室外的走廊上会布置一些注册点,您可以把注册表和学费在此交给注册点的负责人。

  • 如果您还没注册,您可以在注册点进行注册。为节省时间考虑,我们鼓励在线注册。

  • 请所有家长在注册点家长值日表上登记。(请见家长职责家长值日表)。为了更好的实行家长值日,将需要$20的押金,押金将在学期结束和值日完成后全额退还。

  • 请在这里查看所有教室和老师

  • 课本也可以在注册点购买。

特别注意:2017 Brighton Community Homecoming Celebration也将于9月9日10:30AM到1:30PM在学校旁边举行。届时学校周围的部分街道会被封闭,请大家做好趴车难的准备,并有可能需要走一段路程才能到学校。


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