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CSR 3rd Speech Contest (第三届演讲比赛)

Motivation: To encourage students to learn Chinese and explore Chinese culture。

Requirements of the speech: The speech is presented by a student himself or herself without an adult’s help. The speakers should deliver the speech in Chinese and shouldn’t be reading from a manuscript. The speakers choose their preferred topics. It is OK to tell audience a story.

• Group I(Class K to 2 and CSL):1-2 minutes

• Group II(Class 3 and above):1-2 minutes

Grading standards

• Content of speech(20 points)

• Proficiency of Chinese (50 points)

• Body language(20 points)

• Audience Adaptation (10 points)

Registration deadline:Sat. 11/11/2017

Contest date/time:Sat. 11/18/2017 10:00AM-12:00PM

Location: Auditorium of CSR (on the other side of Room 321)

Group 1 (第一组)Time and Seats(时间及座位)

10:00AM to 11:10AM

Group 2 (第二组)Time and Seats(时间及座位):

11:20AM to 12:10PM



• 低年级(Class K to 2 and CSL):1-2分钟

• 高年级(Class 3 and above):1-2分钟


• 演讲内容(20分)

• 语言表达(50分)

• 表情仪态(20分)

• 整体效果(10分)


比赛时间:2017年11月18日 早上10点-中午12点

比赛地点: 中文学校礼堂(321教室的对面)

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