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Xiangdong Mi, Principal


He is working at Corning R&D Corp. in optics, with B.S. from Beijing Normal Univ., MBA from RIT, and Ph.D. from Kent State Univ. He lived in Rochester between 2000 and 2010, and moved back in 2016. He has a strong interest in promoting Chinese language and culture. His children have been learning Chinese since Pre-K. He has been serving for the CSR as a board member since 2017, and would like to continue serving the CSR.

Teaching Department 
  • Teacher & TA recruitment and training
  • Make teaching plans and ensure the execution
  • Teaching evaluation 
  • Assign classes and teachers
  • Provide local school districts to extend the credit program
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Shan Feng, Director


She has a diverse educational background spanning Mechanical Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, and Information Technology. Being an educator and working with children and young adults has always been her passion. She has been teaching Chinese Language & Culture classes to students ranging from Kindergarten to high school years of age at our Chinese School of Rochester since year 2002. Being heavily involved in the Chinese School for so many years has made CSR part of her weekend life. She currently also teaches at local colleges and provides cultural and language training and consulting services to companies in the Rochester area.


Treasury Department 
  • Account keeping
  • Tax report
  • Income and expense budget
  • School rental and insurance
  • Event registration 
Zhemin Zhang, Director


Zhemin Zhang served as the treasurer for the Chinese School from 2008-2015 and will continue to do so this year. She has have always enjoyed this position, as has a great passion for Chinese language and culture.


Accountant with over 10 years extensive professional accounting experience. She has served as a treasurer at CSR for two years and she enjoyed working with students, parents, and colleagues, and she would like to continue to work with CSR.


Public Relations Department 
  • Outreaching
  • Organize events outside school
  • Connect other organizations and groups
  • Connect public medias
  • Publish news and events
  • Publish WeChat post
  • Maintain website
David Wivell, Director


David Wivell is the Associate Director in the International Enrollment Office of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).  He works with students and families that apply from Asia.  David has been working at RIT for 9 years.

In college he studied in China, Latin America and Nepal.  Before returning to his hometown of Rochester, he worked in China for 10+ years.


Ning Su, Painting & Calligraphy


MFA, Graphics Artist, Art Instructor at Chinese School of Rochester. She has presented and demonstrated Chinese Art as the CSR’s Community Outreach Activities and earned awards from 2010 till most recent. The effort helps more and more people in US understand the Chinese culture.


IT Department
  • Website management
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Ashley Wang is a software engineer and MIT graduate. She works at a startup in Boston managing cloud traffic infrastructure. In her free time, she enjoys reading, piano, and practicing taekwondo.