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Parents Committee

Chinese School of Rochester Parents Committee is a parent volunteer organization affiliated with Chinese School based in Rochester, N.Y. CSR Parents Committee fosters and promotes students who are a part of Chinese School learning Chinese and participating in community service as lifelong activities. This organization coordinates and implements programs to support the education of students in Chinese School. We invite individuals of all ages and backgrounds who want to help our students and school. 

  • Promoting classes and programs for students of all ages held at Chinese School

  • Outreaching programs held throughout the community, in schools, hospitals, libraries, senior citizens centers, etc.

  • Organizing talks by visiting and/or regional speakers

  • Fundraising activities held in collaboration with Chinese School of Rochester

  • Volunteer opportunities for the Parents Committee along with day to day management and fundraising projects for students at appropriate age


The CSR Parents Committee promotes learning Chinese as a lifelong activity for people of all ages and backgrounds.This mission can be accomplished by maintaining a highly active network between parents, students and teachers that:

  • Offer a setting and forum in which parents, students, teachers and interested individuals can meet and exchange ideas

  • Assist Chinese School in offering educational programs relating to students of all ages. 

  • Provide occasions where students can exercise social skills at different levels outside of their classroom as volunteers

  • Reach out to the public through publications, media presentations, and exhibits to promote Chinese culture          

Li Zhu, Chair

Li joined the parents committee in 2022 when her son first enrolled in CSR. She enjoys connecting with parents, promoting Chinese culture in the local community and her son’s school. She would love to serve CSR as a community member for many years to come.

Xi Sanderson, Vice-Chair

Xi is a software engineer with TransUnion. She has three sons attended/attending CSR. She taught language class in CSR many years ago and would like to continue serving the school in different ways this time around.

Ling Wu, Member

Wu has lived in the Rochester area since 1998. She has three kids attending CSR. Her Word is “ I’m right here, when CSR needs me”.

Bing Yan, Member

Alin Yang, Member

Ming Cheung, Member

Meeting Minutes
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