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Head Teacher: Ms. Shan Feng

Ms. Feng has a diverse educational background spanning Mechanical Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, and Information Technology. Being an educator and working with children and young adults has always been her passion. She has been teaching Chinese Language & Culture classes to students ranging from Kindergarten to high school years of age at our Chinese School of Rochester since year 2002. Being heavily involved in the Chinese School for so many years has made CSR part of her weekend life. She currently also teaches at local colleges and provides cultural and language training and consulting services to companies in the Rochester area.

G1-1: Ms. Zhijuan Zhu (朱智娟)

Ms. Zhu teaches the First grade class.

G2: Ms. Jiajia Wu (吴家嘉)

Ms. Wu teaches the Second grade class.

G5: Ms. Shuling Wang (王属灵)

Ms. Wang teaches the Fifth grade class.

G7: Ms. Xuqing Chen (陈旭清)

Ms. Chen teaches the Seventh grade class.

CSL1: Ms. Xiting Yue (岳熙婷)

Ms. Yue teaches the CLS1 class.

CSL3: Ms. Hanyue Yin (尹含玥)

Ms. Yin teaches the CLS3 class.

Adult English: Mr. Russ Camp

Mr. Camp teaches Adult English.

Art: Ms. Ning Su (苏宁)

Ms. Su teaches the Calligraphy/Chinese Painting (书法和中国画) class.

Math 3: Ms. Anna Kolstad (孔安娜)

Ms. Kolstad teaches Math 3 (for middle school aged kids). Ms. Kolstad is currently an MD-PhD student studying neuroengineering at the University of Rochester. She received her undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University, with a minor in East Asian Studies. She has studied Chinese language and culture for over a decade and has spent time living in both mainland China and Taiwan. She has previously taught a variety of subjects, including math, Chinese, and English language, in both large and small group settings.

K: Zeqing Lin (林泽卿)

Ms. Lin teaches the K class.

G1-2: Ms. Xueyan Duan (段雪燕)

Ms. Duan teaches the First grade class.

G4: Ms. Jennifer Xu (许珍妮)

Ms. Xu teaches the Fourth grade class.

G6: Ms. Liping Jia (贾丽萍)

Ms. Jia teaches the Sixth grade class.

G8: Ms. Hui Sun (孙惠)

Ms. Sun teaches the Eight grade class.

CSL2: Ms. Mingzi Knebel (崔明子)

Ms. Knebel teaches the CSL2 class.

HA3: Ms. Guoming Tian (田国明)

Ms. Tian teaches the High School / Adult class 3.

Dance: Ms. Kaihong Liu (刘凯红)

Ms. Liu teaches dance class.

Math 2: Ms. Guoming Tian (田国明)

Ms. Tian teaches Math 2 Class (for kids 8 - 10 years old). Ms. Tian has a MS from Nazareth College, MS and PhD from the University of Rochester. She has taught at Rochester City Schools. She has been teaching at UR and RIT. She has been teaching at CSR since 1996.

Orchestra: Mr. Kevin Li (李嘉兴)

Mr. Li conducts the Chinese Youth Orchestra.

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