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After many years of exploration, CSR has achieved gratifying results in teaching Chinese language, promoting Chinese culture and serving the community.

Standard Chinese teaching plan

  • Make adequate arrangements to fit the students' schedule to complete “Chinese” Textbooks 1-12 before entering high school.

  • Use "Chinese Cultural Knowledge", "China Geography", and "Chinese History" as reference materials to introduce related knowledge.

  • Organize students to participate the international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, i.e. YCT Level IV. Passing YCT Level IV and completing "Chinese” Level Twelve Textbook are the requirements for graduation from the Chinese school.

  • Offer Beginner Chinese and Advanced Chinese classes to high school students using "Integrated Chinese" as textbook.

  • Help students to prepare AP Chinese examination.

  • Provide volunteering and internship opportunities for students.

Chinese as Second Language

  • Offer preschool class for children aged 4-5 using 'Chinese for Kids" as textbook, with addition of nursery rhymes, songs, stories, handcraft, etc.

  • Offer Chinese as Second Language classes using "Happy Chinese" as textbook. Attention is paid to increasing vocabulary of everyday language.

  • Offer Chinese classes for adult using "Integrated Chinese" as reference book, and focus on listening and speaking.

Elective courses (Chinese culture and art)

In addition to the Chinese language classes, the school also offers a variety of elective courses, including Chinese dance, Chinese martial arts, water color painting, calligraphy, Chinese dough figurine, youth choir, chess, math, programming, science and so on.

The school is also actively involved in community events. Students have many opportunities to participate community services which include culture, art, crafts, painting, calligraphy and music, dance performances at nursing homes, art galleries, schools, kindergartens, libraries, etc. In the process of promoting Chinese culture, the students further enhance their interests in learning Chinese.

Language & Culture Class

The individual teaching plans for each class will be added after the semester is started.

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