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Happy Thanksgiving! 11/27/2014
Dear CSR friends, This is a reminder that the CSR will not have any lesson this weekend (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday). Enjoy your holiday and Have a happy Thanksgiving!
CSR Tennis Open 中文学校网球公开赛报名开始了! 9/25/2014 (tennis poster1.jpg)
Dear Friends, You are welcome to participate in the CSR Tennis Open. Please use the link for registration: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dFlvaVpNRUdzNVdfT3hjOFNwakUwelE6MA
中秋节愉快! 9/9/2014
Dear CSR Friends, To take full advantage of the Online Registration Discount and make the registration process more efficient, please register online before you go to the school this Saturday. IF you register online, you just need to print out the registration form and drop your check in the DropBox and bring your kid(s) to the classroom. It would be very convenient!
NEW MUSIC INSTRUMENT CLASS INTRODUCTION新开乐器课推介。详情见附件。 8/26/2014 (CSR music instrument Class Introduction.pdf)
*********WELCOME FROM CSR PRINCIPAL********** 8/9/2014 (welcome from csr principal.pdf)
Please open the link to the right for the full text.
**Fall 2014 Registration will be Open on Aug 8, 2014** 8/6/2014
Dear All, We are testing the new website and sorry for the inconvenience. The class registration for Fall 2014 will be open at 11:59pm Aug 8, 2014. The School Calendar, Teacher/Classroom information, and the Course Description will be updated then. Thank you for your long-term support!
**website testing** 8/4/2014
Dear CSR friends, We are testing the new website. Sorry for the inconvenience.
**2014暑期教育培训** 7/29/2014 (2014Summer Teacher Training.jpg)
来自中国的三位教育专家将在8月底来访,为我们开展教育培训。 课程:王晓路-中国文化专题;姚梅林-儿童心理学;吴琳-小学语文教学法。 欢迎各位老师、家长及热衷儿童教育的专家学者参加。详情请见附件。
Dear All, The class registration for Fall 2014 will be open on Aug 8, 2014. The School Calendar, Teacher/Classroom information, and the Course Description will be updated then. Thank you for your long-term support!
The CSR 20th Anniversary Art Contest------ 4/30/2014
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Chinese School of Rochester, the Chinese School of Rochester is proud to present an exciting art contest for the fine artists of all school ages. Any Chinese-culture related, non-published artwork, including but not limited to painting, sketching, paper cutting, is eligible for this prestigious art contest. Please send us a photocopy with a brief description of your artwork by email. Every artist could submit a maximum of 3 artwork. The artwork will be grouped based on school ages and art forms and selected by the art directors of the Chinese School of Rochester. ...
----------罗城中华语言学校二十周年校庆征稿---------- 4/25/2014
二零一五年一月,罗城中华语言学校将迎来二十岁的生日。二十年的风风雨雨,二十年的辛勤耕耘,二十年的春华秋实。"弘扬中华文化"的宗旨,引领着学校一路走来,留下了一幅幅值得记忆的画卷。 数以千计的孩子,老师,家长和朋友们曾经或正在罗城中华语言学校学习,工作和服务。孩子们在这里学习汉语,学习文化,学习做人。源远流长的华夏文明,给了孩子们一双慧眼,让他们用心地去观察生活,细细地去体验生活,独特地去感悟生活。他们用自己的笔,把生活中许多温馨的情景,许多难忘的时刻,留驻在用中文写下的篇篇习作中。 为了采撷这一片片绿叶,珍藏起罗城中华语言学校一个永恒的春天,学校将征集历届学生,老师,家长和关爱罗城中华语言学校的朋友们的作文和艺术文化作品。征稿题材不限(写人,记事,见闻,故事, 纪实,散文,诗歌…). 我们将把它们汇编成作品集, 让大家与孩子们共同分享那一个个美好的镜头,那一串串有趣的故事。请行动吧,把你们的作文和艺术文化作品尽快地传递给我们。 为结合和鼓励在校学生的学习和参与,在五月二十日以前交稿的学生我们将会在六月学期结束典礼上颁奖。最后的截稿日期将在二零一四年九月十日。我们将从这些作文和艺术文化作品中评选出优秀作品,并在罗城中华语言学校成立二十周年庆祝大会上颁奖。 稿件请投至 headteacher@csrochester.net 或者 treasurer@csrochester.org
Happy Chinese New Year! 1/31/2014
2014 Spring semester will start from 2/8 (Saturday).
Online registration open for 2014 Spring semester 1/15/2014
Here are the steps to do online registration: Go to https://www.csrochester.org/Enrollment.aspx, you will see the registration page. 1. Sign up yourself first if you are new user and create your own user name and password. 2. Follow the direction on this page and finish your online registration. 3. Print out the registration form and mail your check (Charge will be found in detail on enrollment form) together with the registration form to: Chinese School of Rochester P.O. Box 18153 Rochester, NY 14618 4. You are done with the online registration now and get ready to join CSR in Spring semester. ...