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The Chinese School of Rochester (CSR) was the first Chinese school in New York State to teach Mandarin Chinese with Pinyin and simplified characters. It has served the community in Chinese language and culture for over 20 years. CSR not only teaches students Chinese language and culture but also fosters an appreciation for Chinese cultural heritage and cultural diversity in the community.

CSR is managed and run by diligent, energetic, and multi­talented volunteers. Nurturing volunteering and community service spirit in students has been one of its unwavering objectives. In the past 20 years, CSR members and students have impressed and delighted the Greater Rochester community with Chinese culture. The impact of CSR has been far-reaching in the culture-rich and diverse community of Rochester.

CSR graduates are flourishing in their careers and making their marks in their communities while also bringing along the knowledge and spirit they gained in CSR.


Thanks to teachers, volunteers and parents who have invested invaluable effort for the establishment and development of CSR over the years. The success of CSR would not be possible without the joint efforts from everyone. 

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Teachers, Substitute Teachers

  • School Administration, Parents Committee, Board of Directors etc.

  • Event Organizers, Teaching Assistants


  • Serve the community and expand your network 

  • Practice your skill and talent

  • Leadership development

A picture of the CSR Teachers, Volunteers, and Staff


and many individuals like you.


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