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Opening Reception at Rochester City Hall celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

On May 4, 2023, members of the Chinese School of Rochester attended the Opening Reception of APAA P.I.E. 2023 at the Link Gallery in Rochester, NY. The event celebrated National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and the 20th Anniversary of APAA's service to the Greater Rochester community. The event was open and free to the public, and was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the Asian Pacific American community and the contributions they have made to our society.

Special Mayoral Recognition given to the Chinese School of Rochester

The Chinese School of Rochester was recently honored with a Special Mayoral Recognition for contributions to the Rochester community for over 20 years providing language education, fostering cultural learning, and building valuable partnerships. From fundraising for those in need overseas and advocating for civil rights, to aiding our neighbors right here in Rochester during the pandemic, the work of the Chinese School of Rochester continues to help build and take care of the community.

Dancing teacher Ms. Liu honored as pioneer

During the event, dancing teacher Ms. Liu was recognized as a pioneer for her contributions to the community.

Artwork by art teacher Ms. Ning Su

The APAA P.I.E. Link Gallery Exhibit, held at the Rochester City Hall, currently features a variety of artworks by local artists celebrating National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Among the exhibited works is artwork by CSR art teacher Ms. Ning Su. The exhibit will run from April 24, 2023 to May 31, 2023.


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